Fees and Insurance

Most services provided by Clinical Psychology Associates are based on the time required to provide them. Such services include evaluation, individual, group or family therapy, and various types of psychological testing. Medicine checks by our psychiatrist for established clients may be billed differently.

Insurance Reimbursement

Clinical Psychology Associates accepts most insurance plans, although there are some notable exceptions (see below). Our office staff will attempt to verify your insurance benefits so that you have a general idea of the extent to which your plan will pay for our services. Ultimately, however, you are responsible for payment for services provided to you. Clinical Psychology Associates expects co-payments to be made at the time of service unless other arrangements have been made in advance.

Most clinical services can be billed to private insurance, as long as they are medically necessary. Insurance plans may or may not cover specific types of services, or may place limits on the quantity or frequency of covered services. Each insurance plan is different.

Clinical Psychology Associates providers belong to a number of provider networks that offer discounted fees to their covered members. Some provider networks “share” their providers with other networks, which makes it very difficult for our business office to tell you if a given provider in our clinic is “in network” for a given insurance plan. The best strategy is to ask your insurance company if a specific provider is in- or out-of-network. Keep in mind that some of our providers work in other clinics, and network participation may vary with the location in which services are provided.

Forensic Services

Our providers are often called upon to provide court-ordered or other non-clinical or treatment related services to individuals. These services generally do not meet the requirement as “medically necessary” services, and will not be billed to insurance companies, Medicare, or Medical Assistance. The additional expertise and other requirements inherent in the provision of these Forensic services also calls for a separate fee schedule for them. Payment for forensic services is expected in advance of the provision of those services unless specific arrangements have been made.

If you are an individual in a legal situation and you are seeking forensic services, it is usually best to discuss your needs with your attorney and have him or her contact us directly.

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